Indian Country Sports Services What it Sells. . . And Much More!

We pride ourselves in servicing you the customer with one-on-one care helping you to purchase what you are looking for. Special orders are not a problem with us. If we can find it, we can order it! We will do our best to get the product you want.

Guns and Rifles: If you buy your gun and scope from us, we will mount and bore site your new rifle to your specifications. Free of charge!

Mathews Bows: If you buy your bow from us, your set up is free. We will fine tune everything to you and your sport. Arrow cutting is available.

Fishing Gear: Winding line is our specialty and whether you want the wire line on your trolling reel or mono-filament, we can do both. Lead core, braid, and super braid are available.

Bobbing with the local Käppu and wire line set ups are in stock at all times. You can also purchase these online by clicking here!

Hockey and Figure Skating: Skate sharpening is for youth sports like hockey, figure skating, and for adult hockey leagues.

We do our best to make your fishing, shooting, and outdoor sports right!

Area Experts

Being residenst of the fabulous Baraga County Michigan, Tammy and Ashley have the ability to share with you their knowledge of the woods, lakes, streams, and many of the favorite places in the local area you may have questions about. How to get to Mount Arvon, Michigan's highest point, knowledge of what fish can be caught where and when, and places to go and see are just a few of the questions the staff at Indian Country Sports answer on a daily basis. You can come in with any questions you might have. Hope to see you soon!