Big Fish Lake Trout

Fishing Tackle from Indian Country Sports

Indian Country Sports has a wide selection of tackle for the area. Since ice fishing is right around the corner, you should come and take a look at all the new ice fishing jigs, rod / reel combos, tip-ups, underwater lights, and other ice fishing items that you might want to replace. We stock many brands and types of tackle for inland waters as well.

If you are fishing the big lake using bobbing sticks or downriggers, we have the tackle and supplies to suit your needs.

Come in and see the wide selection of tackle that we carry. You probably will find something new to try. And, Steve has the area knowledge to know what might work in your preferred type of fishing.

Fishing Tackle from Indian Country Sports L'Anse MichiganWe do our best to have a great selection of tackle to fit the type of fishing you're interested in. From lake trout fishing, deep sea wire line, downrigger, fly fishing, and spinning rods and reels are in stock.

We will special order any fishing gear that you want. Simply call us: 906-524-6518. Or, come and visit Indian Country Sports in downtown L'Anse, Michigan.