Fall Fishing Season has Arrived for the Sportsmen and Sportswomen in the U.P. We will keep you updated on the ice levels as the winter progresses.

After the winter storms that occured this week bringing snow and wind, the fishing should be fantastic. The old timers say that the show and wind we had will drive in the fish looking for an easy meal. You should get out there and catch a meal for yourself.

The changing of seasons is so beautiful, and now the cold nights have arrived. Soon, ice will cover the Keweenaw Bay and full of hearty folks ice fishing for lake trout, walleye, salmon, perch, and other species. Call Tammy or Ashley to find out what fish are hitting on what lures. Before you head out fishing, stop by to restock your fishing supplies. Indian Country Sports has minnows, jigs, line, rods and poles, and all sorts of fishing accessories that you will need for a successful trip.

And, don't forget to get a gift certificate for your favorite pal. Just give us a call.

You will also want to keep warm and dry. Take a look at our exclusive Ice Fishing TeePee here. This shelter is designed by Yoopers who are ice fishermen that know how to keep the biting winds off of you. This lightweight yet sturdy shelter is manufactured in Ironwood, MI. It is made of canvas and comes in black or green. This is one of our most popular fishing products.

You might also need winter gloves, hats, or outerwear. Winter apparel is Yooper approved for to provide protection for wet and cold environments, like ice fishing. We have wool pants and jackets that will keep you warm even while wet. Gloves and mittens are in stock that are designed for below zero temps. A complete line of gloves, mittens, hats, and outerwear are available right now. Come on in and check out the newest inventory. We have outerwear for every application.

Parts and supplies are also available for most ice augers (blades), fishing shelters, heaters, gas lines, oil, deep cycle batteries, and a huge supply of ice fishing accessories.

Come on in and see for yourself and have a visit with us.

Tammy and Ashley